S1E4 - Digital Romance: Getting Serious With Aziz Ansari

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Our grandparents met because they lived in the same neighborhood. Today, we meet because we’re on the same app.

From dating scenes to dating screens, the Internet has turned your parent's relationship into a foreign world. Aziz Ansari, in his book Modern Romance, dives deep into how the Internet has transformed love and relationships.

From intimacy and transparency to cheating, sexting, and breaking up, we look at some of the stories and research from his book, and discuss what they mean for Christians.

A few questions we cover:

  • Does your significant other have the right to know what's on your smartphone?

  • Do smartphones make cheating easier or more likely?

  • Does the privacy of text messaging make intimacy easier and faster?

  • Can sexting be a worthwhile form of intimacy for married couples?

  • And how do smartphones complicate breakups?


Some researchers suggest that because digital communication lacks embodied social cues, teens are worse at relationships since they’re still developing those interpersonal skills.