Adam and Chris Met on the Internet.

It’s funny because it’s true.

And this isn’t a dating story—way more mundane. Back when everyone was doing blogs, Chris started one called TheoDigital to explore the intersection of digital technology (the iPhone was brand new…) and his research in theology.

Adam was doing the same, blogging at his site The Second Eclectic. Their relationship started in the comments section.

Five years later, Adam & Chris decided to meet IRL, only to discover that they both lived in Chicagoland. Who knew?

Does their relationship story affect their angle? You bet—there are two sides to everything. Chris sees it as digital tech pulling people together. Adam is pretty sure the real stuff only happened face to face.

Different opinions aren’t new to them. Device & Virtue features Adam & Chris arguing their way to understanding their Christian faith and daily tech. It’s this week’s version of a coffee-shop convo they’ve been having for ten years.

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Chris Ridgeway

Chris (MA Theology, BA Economics) writes and speaks at the intersection of technology and theology. He’s worked in Microsoft certified consulting, pastoral ministry, and as academic researcher for biblical scholar Scot McKnight. He currently leads strategy and communications as the Executive Missioner of the Greenhouse Movement with the Anglican Church of North America.

With past talks including “What Would Jesus Tweet?” and “How (Not) To Preach About Technology” you can catch him next moderating the Veritas Forum at Northwestern University on “Exploring Humanity’s Relationship to A.I.” or see his forthcoming article “Digital Privacy” in the July 2018 issue of Christianity Today magazine.

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Adam Graber

Adam (BA Psychology) works at Tyndale House Publishers and is studying Digital Theology at Durham University, U.K. He’s written for Christianity Today, Relevant, Christ and Pop Culture, and Second Natural Journal. He’s been interviewed by the New York Times, appeared on the Social Media Church podcast, CT’s “Quick to Listen” podcast, and published an e-book, From Pews to Podcasts: What Technology Wants for the Church, available from

He’s spoken at Logos’s BibleTech and AIMM’s Congo Collaboration about how faith and technology shape each other and us. He’s currently working on a second book and still gets Netflix DVDs in the mail.