S1E3 - Driverless Cars: Where Are They Taking Us?

Google Driverless Pod Car.jpg

Some day your computer will drive your car. “Ok Google, Take Me To Church!”

Could driverless cars alter church life? Could they even impact Christian beliefs? As we outsource human activities to technology, those devices come to define our human activities, and even our ways of thinking. How will driverless cars impact church attendance, parking problems, demographic shifts, embodiment, church geographic reach? How will they influence how we think about ourselves as humans?

Adam and Chris raise more questions than answers as they unpack the driverless car craze. Plus, they offer some suggestion for what we should really call these "self-driving vehicles."


Feds Say They’ll Count Computers as Human Drivers” (Wired, Feb 10, 2016)

The Feds Want Rules for Self-Driving Cars in the Next 6 Months” (Wired, Jan 14, 2016)

Photo: Google