S1E5 - Facebook's Scrollable Values - From Family to Fake News


You’ll never guess who just released an ethics statement all about the values they are trying to promote. It’s not the government or your church.

Yeah. It’s Facebook. Included in this episode: All the morals of scrolling through those cat pictures.

How do Facebook and Instagram decide what you see every time you scroll through? Deciding what to show you involves value judgments. If it always showed you the most recent post first, the value would be “newest = most important.” But Facebook’s algorithms are much more complicated. So are its values.

Adam and Chris take a closer look at Facebook’s “News Feed Values” and ask, how do these values align with Christian values, Kingdom values? Can the Church affirm Facebook’s values, or are there values it would do well to oppose?

Values covered in this episode include a priority of friends and family, as well as a goal to be informative. In an age of division and fake news, these values seem more relevant than ever. So does the Church have a uniquely meaningful take on them? Find out in this episode.


Facebook’s “News Feed Values

Photo: Facebook