S1E6 - Merging Man and Machine

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The merging of human and machines sounds like an Ironman movie. But it’s actually happening right now. We even found some Christians who are praying this is the next big thing.

Has humanity reached the end of its evolution, or could technology light the path for the next stage of human development? People like Neil Harbison believe technology could be just the beginning. Advancements in medicine have brought humans and devices closer and closer together, but where’s the line between healing someone’s defective heart and enhancing their capacity beyond human norms?

Adam and Chris untangle some of these ideas behind what’s called “body hacking” or “transhumanism.” They ask, Could transhumanism be the future God has for humanity? Or are humans overstepping the natural human limits God gave us? Transhumanism is a trajectory we’re on, and we still face a lot of questions along that path.

Most important, Chris comes clean about why he returned his Apple Watch.


Defining “What is Transhumanism?

NPR’s interview with Neil Harbisson: “What’s it like to hear color?

Nicholas Carr’s “I Want Wings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” - other examples in this episode probably came from Carr’s article.