S1E7 - C.S. Lewis Talks Technology

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CS Lewis became a household name because of the Radio. So why did he get rid of the one in his own house?

What did CS Lewis think about technology? He had strong opinions about the radio and other technologies inhabiting our lives. Chris and Adam sit down to talk about what CS Lewis thought about technology, and also how he lived with it personally. Drawing from published work like Abolition of Man and That Hideous Strength as well as Lewis's private letters, Adam and Chris explore why Lewis got rid of his radio, why he believed technology is neutral, and why he thought the typewriter would destroy aspiring writers.

This episode arose from research Adam has done and written about in an ebook titled Mere Technology: CS Lewis Confronts the Devices Shaping His Life--And Ours.


The ebook that this episode refers is not currently publicly available. Reach out to @AdamGraber if you want to convince him to send you a copy! Or get a little taste of it here.

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