S2E3 - Evangelism ChatBots


Some people think the next great evangelist will reach more people than Billy Graham ever did. And they’re already programming the artificial intelligence to do it.

When Chris and Adam meet an Australian who’s already programmed an AI chatbot to do evangelism, they look at each other and wonder, “Can a chatbot really spread the Gospel?” Only to realize that evangelism chatbots are not quite as unprecedented as they first appear to be. Still, this new generation of tech-driven evangelism forces today’s Christians to go back again and ask, “What exactly is the Gospel?”

The future is here. This chatbot has already led hundreds to make decisions for Jesus. Can we really argue with results?

This episode will help you get your head around our new Jetsons-like reality, and see what Rosie could mean for Christians called to make disciples.


Reuben Skewes on Medium

Psychological, Relational, and Emotional Effects of Self-Disclosure After Conversations With a Chatbot” from The Journal of Communication (requires subscription)

FaithTech. “Bridging the gap between faith and technology.” Chris & Adam are involved in starting this in Chicago.