More about Device & Virtue

where did the name come from?

Device & Virtue is our play on words to talk about faith & technology.

“Vice & virtue” are the traditional words in ethics for the moral qualities of evil & good—whether from Socrates & Cicero, Jesus & or the Apostle Paul, Augustine or Kant.

Is this a christian podcast?

Yep. Adam & Chris both have degrees in Christian theology and have a personal commitment to faith in Jesus Christ. We think through each tech or culture topic through the lens of Christian scripture and the classic question of theology “faith seeking understanding.” We try to keep our talks not too nerdy or technical theologically, but we do tend to hang with a lot of Christian leaders and pastors.

We think folks who aren’t Christians will like our discussions too, but you might have more reason to disagree with our take on some things.

What’s your day job?

Adam works for a large Christian publishing house.

Chris is the executive pastor of a mission organization with the Anglican Church.

More about our bios.

Why are your season 1 episodes dated weird?

We recorded our first eight podcasts in 2016 and 2017 just for fun and distributed them to friends.

When we got enough requests to actually do a public podcast, we decided to make the new version “Season 2,” but release the old ones as “Season 1.” Bonus.